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A set of in-house technologies and standards designed to quickly develop websites and web apps of any size while maintaining their speed and scalability over decades.

The framework is used exclusively for internal development. The public has access to the power of our solution via Turbine Web Studio.

Explore the website to learn more.
Modules. DevOps. Backend. Doctrine. Cloudflare. AI / ML. PHP. VS Code. Grafana. Frontend. GitHub. Composer. Debian. JS. PostgreSQL. CSS. NGINX. jQuery. Rules and standards. Infrastructure. CI / CD. XenForo. gRPC. Docker. HTML preprocessor. Hetzner. ProFTPD. Dynamic.
Simplicity Quality Security Speed Independence Scalability


Simple / Complex

There are two versions of the ABC Framework. Simple is used for non-ABC projects such as our BSS Forum integration with XenForo. On the other hand, Complex is used for projects that are completely ABC-based.


Do you know the MVC concept? We managed to remove the Model part and greatly streamline the structure of our projects.

Please do not try this at home. The work was done by professionals for a very long time.


Each ABC Complex project has native multi-language and multi-currency support by default.

It's done in the best possible way — dynamically. You can switch locale with a single click — no reloads, no delays, applies everywhere.


Which function best represents ABC? It would be a module system.

Disclaimer. Any modules system you may know is not even close to what we call modules.

All our projects are entirely module-based, from major to minor. You need some feature, enable the module, set it up, extend it if required, and you are done.


Let's simply talk about the facts:

  • 400% - 800% vertically and 100% - 400% horizontally shorter than any other regular code, regardless of framework.
  • Times more ready-made elements than in any other frontend framework.
  • It has nearly native syntax and is times more readable than anything else.
  • It's genuinely per-element dynamic. Like React, but in PHP, and without many downsides.
  • With a couple of useful backend-powered features that allow us to write 1 word instead of 20 lines.
  • Load speed of 0.1 to 0.3 seconds of logic-heavy and content-heavy pages. Our code stored in Finland, with all the dynamics and pre-processing, will load faster than, say, a regular Nuxt app stored locally.


ABC Framework allows scaling the complexity of the environment depending on the project. Some projects may have a database. Some may have a staging environment.

Continuous integration is done via GitHub Actions and our console commands. Continuous development is fully server-based — nothing is stored locally.



Charry on a cake are some external services we use in our work, such as Slack, Workflowy, Brevo, Stripe, and Open AI. We cooperate with not so many companies, but the ones we do are carefully hand-picked so that we can cover all our needs with them.


To be the best, we must work with the best.

That is why our servers are managed by Hetzner, which indeed provides Germany's quality. We are talking top-of-the-line processors with tens of cores and threads, DDR5 RAM, and NVMe SSD.

And, of course, we use Cloudflare for security and acceleration of resolving and delivery stages of the website load.

Generally, we squeeze every bit of performance on every stage while maintaining stability and security.


ABC is genuinely a complete framework. Our developers have several useful commands at their disposal:

  • Creation of new projects (we are talking automation of the entire process).
  • Switching projects in development containers.
  • Updates and patches of the framework.
  • Easy code backups.
  • Simple migrations interface.
  • Easy to use auto-generated help.

Once again, we have managed to wrap fantastic power in a very simple shape.



Our core team consists of internationally recognized professionals. These are the type of people who began studying at a very early age, have tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience, and manage government-scale positions in their twenties.

We have been operating for over ten years. And this is just the beginning.


Our vision is not necessarily popular. But that's why we win.

  • Everything is private — perfect things cannot be open source by definition.
  • The core must be excellent.
  • 95 / 100 features, but 2X simpler is better than 100 / 100 features.
  • The inside is as important as the outside. You like our designs (hopefully), and our developers truly like the code.
  • Minimal dependence on third-party solutions — we want to have complete control and overview.
  • Unleash the full potential of native technologies and third-party solutions already in use.
  • We use our brain. And then we create trends.


We strive to revolutionize the market. Well, we already did that. Instead of focusing on Web3, we are solving many problems related to Web2 and its users.

We often see mediocre quality at an unreasonably high cost of time and money. It's obvious to us that many consumers are easily confused. And we are here to bring some balance to the game.
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